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Professor Tekie Fessehatzion’s Partial List of Scholarly Work

  1. “Eritrea’s Remittance-Based Economy: Conjectures and Musings”, Eritrean Studies Review, Vol. 4(2):165-183, 2005.

  2. Shattered Illusion and Broken Promise: Essays on the Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict, Red Sea Press, 2003.

  3. “Explaining the Unexplainable: the Ethiopia-Eritrea Border War.” Presented at the Bonn Seminar on the Eritrean-Ethoipian Border Conflict, March 19-21, 1999.

  4. “Eritrea & Ethiopia: from conflict to cooperation to conflict.” Special Issue Guest Ed., Eritrean Studies Review, Vol.3 (2), 1999.

  5. “A Brief Encounter with Democracy: Eritrea in the Federation Years,” Eritrean Studies Review, Vol. 2 (2):19-64, 1998.

  6. “Economic Cooperation in the Horn of Africa,”  From Conflict to  Peace, (ed) Amare Tekle, Red Sea Press, 1996.

  7. “The Eritrean Referendum of 1993”, Commentary, in Eritrean Studies Review, Vol. 1 (1) :167-175, Spring 1996.

  8. “We are ALL Free at Last! ” 1993 (incomplete citation).

  9. “Prospects for Economic Cooperation Between Eritrea and Its Neighbors,” Emergent Eritrea: Challenges of Economic Development, (ed) Gebre Hiwet  Tesfagiorgis, Red Sea Press: 16-27, 1991.

  10. “A Simultaneous Equation Model of Interstate Migration in Mexico”, co-author, Business and Economic Review, 1991.

  11. “An empirical test of the augmented todaro model of labor migration:  The case Mexico.”, co-author, Business and Economic Review, Vol. 4(2), Spring 1991.

  12.  “Prospects for Regional Economic Cooperation Between Eritrea Its Neighbors.” A paper presented at the Economic Policy Conference, Asmara, Eritrea, Summer 1991.

  13. Eritrea: From Federation to Annexation, 1952-1962, monograph, published by Eritreans for Peace and Democracy (EPD), Working Paper No. 2, March 1990.

  14.  “The implications of Eritrean independence in the Horn of Africa.” Proceedings of the International Conference on Eritrea, Baltimore, MD, 1990.

  15. “Child care services in the labor force participation and income distribution of working mothers in the US”, co-author, International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 17 (4):49-56, 1990.

  16. “Public assistance and job search behavior of the rural poor-evidence from the Mississippi Delta” , co-author, The Review of Black Political Economy, Vol.18 (3):79-91, 1990.

  17. “Merger targets in the food and related industries”, co-author, American Business Review, Vol. 8(2), June 1990.

  18. “A child born to a mother in Trinidad and Jamaica has a much better chance of surviving its first year than black children born in the Delta." Black Enterprise, Vol. 20 (5), December 1989.

  19. "The Effects of Government Public Assistance Programs on the Economic Well-Being of the Mississippi Delta Poor", co-author, The Common Good: Social Welfare and the American Future, 1989, Research Funded by the Ford Foundation Project on Social Welfare and the American Future.

  20. “'Eritrean Options and Ethiopia's Future', A Reply to Paul Henze“, August 1, 1989, (incomplete citation).

  21. “Eritrea & Ethiopia: from conflict to cooperation to conflict.” Guest Ed., Business and Economic Review, Vol. 2 (1), Summer 1998.

  22. “The Effectiveness of Transfer Payments in Reducing Poverty:  Evidence from Mississippi”, co-author, Midsouth Journal of Economics & Finance, Vol. 12 (3), Fall 1988.

  23. “But Tekie Fessehatzion, an economist at Jackson State University, noted that poverty still haunts the lowland county, with a fifth of personal income coming from welfare assistance, food stamps and other transfer payments.” New York Times: Fish Tale: Mississippi To Moscow, May 21, 1988

  24. “Reflections on the African economic predicament”, Presented at a Seminar Sponsored by the African Development Foundation, Washington, D.C, December 5, 1985.

  25. “Rethinking Aid” (incomplete citation).

  26. “The International Dimensions of the Eritrean Question”, Horn of Africa, Vol. 6 (2), 1983.

  27. Contributing Editor, The Horn of Africa, Vol. 6 (3), 1983.

  28. “Comment: One Eritrean View”, Cuban Studies, Vol. 10(1), Jan. 1980.

  29. “The Eritrean Struggle for Independence and National Liberation”, Horn of Africa (Summit, N.J.), Vol. 1(2), April-June 1978.

  30. “The 'Rediscovery' of Africa: An Analysis", Point (Washington Bureau, Urban League), Vol. 1(1), July/August 1978.

  31. “Internal population movements and urban unemployment in Kenya“, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1976.

  32.  “Eritrean public intellectuals and the development of the national purpose” (incomplete citation).

  33. Unedited dehai articles, 260 pages. (most of these articles have appeared in his book, (Shattered Illusion and Broken Promise: Essays on the Ethiopian-Eritrean Conflict)


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